KIVA Blog Archive April 2016

04/15/2016 3:48 (comments: 0)

What defines a great Customer Experience?

Perhaps it comes down to the question of what constitutes great service. My favorite answer being “I can’t define great service, but I know it when I see it.” Not long ago, I asked a group of call center managers this very question and the popular reply was “treat people the way you like to be treated.” One person piped up and said that was wrong…You should treat people as they wish to be treated. Both are good points, but very conceptual.


04/08/2016 3:46 (comments: 0)

Silos, CEOs and CRM

Silos are great for storing corn, but not so great for storing data. The term “silos” is commonly used to describe how customer touch points are isolated from each other, meaning that the technologies underlying service delivery channels (branches, call centers, web, IVRs, ATMs, etc.) have evolved within their own space. The silo effect is widely acknowledged throughout the industry, yet the problem remains, and comes at a very high cost—measured not only in hard dollars, but also in customer (dis)satisfaction.