What defines a great Customer Experience?

April 15, 2016 (comments: 0)

And, what steps can be taken to ensure one?

Perhaps it comes down to the question of what constitutes great service. My favorite answer being “I can’t define great service, but I know it when I see it.” Not long ago, asked a group of call center managers this very question and the popular reply was “treat people the way you like to be treated.” One person piped up and said that was wrong…You should treat people as they wish to be treated. Both are good points, but very conceptual.

Surveys reveal three key elements in the consumer’s judgement of the experience, Speed, Accuracy and Attitude

What works for you? For me, a great experience is made up of a series of basic steps:

For starters, I like a genuine greeting with a smile that says, I am glad you stopped by, it is good to see you. I expect to be recognized if I am a regular customer, and depending on the frequency and length of the relationship, I really appreciate being greeted by name. This says to me that you value my business.

Next, make a genuine effort to help me—and do so with a sense of urgency. Time is valuable. Understand why I am there and consider my need with an intent to find the best resolution for my issue; take immediate steps to fulfill my objective(s).

Then, deliver a great result with a genuine thank you.

Going further, as an integral part of understanding my needs and serving me well, if you think I might benefit from an additional product or service, by all means, present an offer, but be sure that it is relevant to me.

Following the interaction, if and when it is appropriate, follow-up with me to confirm that the outcome met my expectations.

This may all seem like common sense, but the fact of the matter is that organizations seldom put it into practice. Reinforce these steps and measure performance results to encourage your team to do their best work, for the success of the organization and creating loyal customers.

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